Pre-course: Introductory course to deep learning

Course lecturers: Igor Barros Barbosa and Aleksander Rognhaugen

Course language: English

The pre-course will be a basic introductory course to deep learning suitable for statisticians and data scientists and with no or limited experience with deep learning.

The basic concepts of deep learning will be introduced and explained both in theory and through applications to linear regression, image classification and possibly image generation.

Through practical exercises the participants will build, train and tune a complete (deep) neural network on their own basic laptop. This will be done by connecting the computers to cloud-based services where the computations will be made, such that nothing but a basic laptop is needed.

The course lecturers work with deep learning on a daily basis, and have a rich knowledge and experience with this new field. Use this opportunity to understand what makes deep learning so incredibly efficient and how you could apply it yourself.

The deadline for making an entry to the pre-course is April 15th, and can be done here.