Norse Code

Karin Loberg Code - hardingfele, violin, munnharpa

David Loberg Code - nyckelharpa, hardingfele, viola, seljefl√łyte

Mai Elise Loberg Code - viola

Astrid Loberg Code - violin

The husband-wife duo of David and Karin Code has been performing together since they were in college at the University of Illinois. Both violists and recreational folk dancers, they focused musical interests on Norway and Scandinavia. For twenty-five years, David and Karin have been studying the tunes and traditions of the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle or hardingfele. They have lived in Norway in 1998-2001 and again in 2014. While there, Karin played for dance groups in Oslo, competed in the national folk competitions and appeared in various concerts and festivals alongside Norwegian-born artists. She has studied with numerous traditional fiddlers in Norway.

David has spent a career researching the Norwegian composer Eivind Groven and his microtonal pipe organ. He has played the hardingfele as long as Karin but also added the Swedish keyed fiddle, the nyckelharpa, to his repertoire several years ago while at a Scandinavian camp in West Virginia. Both Karin and David have attended prominent folk festivals in Sweden including Falun Festival in 2000 where Sweden's three most famous fiddlers reunited for an inspiring concert of tunes. They have attended twenty years worth of intensive Swedish and Norwegian music and dance workshops in this country.

The duo Norse Code has performed at various traditional venues like Ten Pound Fiddle in Lansing, Michigan, The Great Lakes Folk Festival and Folklore Village in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. This year, their twin daughters Astrid and Mai Elise will join them in performing. The girls have played violin and viola since they were five and have been immersed in traditional Scandinavian music since birth. As fourth-graders, they were members of a folk music youth orchestra whlie living in Oslo and danced each week with a childrens' folk dancing club. As a twin duo themselves, Astrid and Mai Elise performed at a few folk music concerts and competitions in Norway.