Immigration and minority awareness

Immigration and minority awareness

Welcome to the website of the Norpdlus project "Immigration and minority awareness"!

The project "Immigration and minority awareness" is an international student project between Läänemaa Ühisgümnaasium, Odsherreds Gymnasium and Tampereen Yhteiskoulun Lukio.

The aim of the project is to organize three international student conferences in three different countries, to establish international connectioctions between our students that could continue in the future and to learn more about the topic of immigration in Nordic and Baltic countries.

In each conference there will be 8 students from each country, who will participate in different workshops, discussions and group works to learn more about the topic of immigration and about the European migrant crisis which started in 2015.

Participating schools

Läänemaa Ühisgümnaasium (Haapsalu, Estonia) -

Odsherreds Gymnasium (Odsherred, Denmark) -

Tampereen Yhteiskoulun Lukio (Tampere, Finland) -

Content of the project

The first conference will be held in Läänemaa Ühisgümnaasium (Haapsalu, Estonia), on 1.-7. march 2020.

The topic of the first conference is "The pushing and pulling factors of migration". The students will learn about the causes of migration and of the 2015. European migrant crisis.

First they will analyze the "pushing" factors of migration - what has made the refugees leave their home countries in the first place? Students will learn about the Syrian civil war, about the war in Afghanistan and about how climate change, poverty, percecution and other factors have effected migration.

After that they will analyze the "pulling" factors of migration - why have the refugees decided to come to Europe? What draws them here?

The second conference will be held in Odsherreds Gymnasium (Odsherred, Denmark) on 8.-11. november 2020.

The topic of the conference will be "Challenges caused by immigration".

During their stay in Denmark, the students will focus on the more problematic issues that have been caused by migration and on the conflicts that have emerged after the 2015 European migrant crisis.

The students will also analyze how the 2015 refugee crisis has effected the politics of Europe.

The starting point for the discussion will be the texts that students in the previous conference have prepared and posted on this web page.

The final, third conference will be in Tampereen Yhteskoulun Lukio (Tampere, Finland) on 7.-13. march 2021.

The topic of the conference will be "Solutions". The starting point will again be this web page and the work done by previous students in the previous conferences.

The aim of the students will be to work out some possible solutions to the challenges that migration has caused in Europe.

The students will discuss how they would wish that Europe would look like in the future and will work out some concrete plans and ideas for future policies and will scetch some possible future scenarios. The conference in Finland will summarize the work done by previous teams.