Starting a Club

Becoming an SGA recognized club can be very beneficial for student based organizations. SGA clubs can:

  • take advantage of renting SGA owned equipment
  • get free event advertising through our Paydirt newspaper
  • receive money in the form of a semesterly budget
  • submit bills to be approved for conferences, club events, etc.
  • get event grants approved to fund on campus events

All clubs wishing to receive SGA recognition are required to complete a club packet at the beginning of each semester.

This packet must include:

  • an SGANMIMT Club Charter form
  • an SGANMIMT Club Roster form
  • an SGANMIMT Club Budget form with accompanying cover letter
  • a constitution
  • an inventory of all items (if any exist) that have been purchased with SGA funds.

Clubs that receive budgets from the SGA are required to complete 12 volunteer hours each semester.

Clubs can be placed on probation from either not completing required volunteer hours, or from over spending their allowed funds and going into debt. Additionally, new clubs spend their first semester in a probationary period so that SGA officers can ensure that said club is on track to use funds appropriately and help with SGA events as required. Once a club is put on probation, they are limited to a maximum of $300 for the semester’s budget. They also may be required to complete additional volunteer hours (over the general formula) over the course of that semester, though this is handled on a case by case basis.

Finally, if there is an interest in forming a new SGA recognized club, the SGA Vice President should be contacted. Over the years, many SGA clubs have come and gone, and there may be records to help in the formation of a new club if that club has already existed at some point in NMT’s history.

List of Clubs

List of Fall 2018 SGA Clubs.docx

How to use your club budget

Purchasing Cards

A purchasing card (or p-card) is a type of credit card used by the Institute to make purchases of supplies. This card can only be used in Socorro or for online purchases. This card is tax exempt. To reserve this card, email the CFO with the amount you wish to spend and the day you wish to use it. Send this request at least 7 days in advance of when you are requesting it. Typically it is reserved to be picked up in the afternoon and returned the following morning. Once approved, the CFO will send the information to Dana Gum in the Budget and Analysis office in Brown Hall. On the requested date, you would go to their office, Brown 100, and sign out the card. On the following day, you would return it with itemized receipts of your purchases. Since this is dealing with State money, you cannot purchase alcohol with the card. Email or find the CFO if you have questions.


If you purchase something budgeted for your club, you would take the receipts and fill out the required reimbursement forms. You can find these forms under the Forms tab of this site. Once filled out, attach the receipts and turn the form into the CFO's box. Since this is dealing with State money, you cannot reimburse alcohol purchases. Email or find the CFO if you have questions.

A quick note

It is your responsibility as a club to keep track of your spending. Reimbursements and p-card purchases can take up to a month before they appear on the financial system our school uses. If you overspend your approved budget, then your club can be placed on probation and your budget will be reduced for the next semester.