Courses Taught

The Science of Learning, The University of North Carolina, Summer 2016 & Spring 2017

Design of Emerging Technologies for Education (Teaching Assistant), The University of North Carolina, Spring 2018

Teaching Evaluations

"Incredible class; professor perfectly incorporated lecture, group work, and out of class assignments into her course and was very effective at doing so. If I could take it again I would!"

"I really enjoyed this class and the professor and would most likely recommend them both to friends."

"This course was very useful to me as a student, I wish that I would've taken it as a freshman! The material was extremely relevant and promoted a lot of self-reflection. I think that more students should be aware of SRL and incorporate it into their academic and personal lives. There wasn't a single unit that I didn't find useful and interesting."

"I really loved this course. It covered a broad range of topics, which helped me decide which areas of education I am most interested in. It was a good overview and first glance into studying education and learning."