Natural dark sky areas are decreasing across the United States and around the world and Southeast Utah's State and National Parks boast some of the darkest night skies in North America. Learn about the Incredible parks that will be a part of the Southeastern Utah Night Sky Reserve.

Rangers have led regular astronomy programs and special events in Arches National Park since 2012 and regularly work with staff from nearby dark sky parks to offer Moab-area visitors and opportunity to explore the night sky. Arches was certified as an International Dark Sky Park on July 5, 2019.culminating more than 10 years effort to preserve and share dark night skies in southeast Utah.

Canyonlands National Park was named as an International Dark Sky Park in August of 2015, but efforts to preserve natural darkness in Canyonlands began years ago with efforts focused in revamping and replacing existing park lighting infrastructure with "nigh-sky friendly" bulbs and fixtures. Today, nearly all of the park's lights are "night-sky friendly" and natural darkness is recognized in park management documents as a valuable resource.

Capitol Reef National Park was the first National Park in Utah receiveing the International Dark Sky Park Certification in April of 2015.

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