The southeastern region of Utah is a unique landscape known for its national parks and monuments, rugged deserts, pine-clad mountains, rural character, Native American heritage, and pristine night skies.

In an effort to celebrate the region’s starry sky heritage, a group of passionate individuals, agencies, and local residents are working together to nominate the region as an International Night Sky Reserve.

The blue area on the map represents the region that is being considered for the Reserve area. No boundaries will be established without public input.

Night Sky Reserves

What is an International Night Sky Reserve?

An International Night Reserve is a substantial land area recognized for an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry night skies. The designation is awarded through the International Dark Sky Association in recognition for a demonstrated commitment to and success in implementing the ideals of dark sky preservation. The designation is completely voluntary and recognizes that civic engagement is the foundation for a shared stewardship of starry night skies.

How is an International Night Sky Reserve managed?

An International Night Sky Reserve is managed through a partnership of public and private landowners who are dedicated to the conservation of quality nights skies. Each Night Sky Reserve is unique, and reflects the values, goals, and ideals of the people that inhabit the region. Stakeholders work together to adopt appropriate policy, promote and participate in long term planning, and conduct educational outreach in support of night sky visibility throughout the Reserve.

What are the designation benefits?

An International Night Sky Reserve brings international visibility and recognition to the efforts made by the public and private organizations protecting the night skies of the identified Reserve area. The designation also encourages and ensures the sustainability of dark sky conservation actions already undertaken in the area and enhances resident and visitor awareness of starry-sky stewardship.