Nicholas Schmitz

District 23B Representative

An independent choice For an independent district

Why I'm Running:

When members of a community come together for a common goal they can Matter More. I’m running to bring a sense of personal responsibility to government. As a representative unencumbered by political ties, my vision is to maintain the rural qualities of our region while looking forward to instill opportunities for growth. Even if you don't choose me, know that I'm a candidate working to return effort, clarity, and sustainable decision making to government.

With the opportunity to represent District 23B, I will continue the legacy of community connection by striving for:

  • Efficient policies surrounding agriculture, business, recreation and transportation.
  • Consistent opportunities for children through school and community outreach.
  • Realistic healthcare that provides quality, affordable services.
  • Stewardship of existing natural resources and innovation in fostering new ones.

This campaign asks you to Matter More in politics. Irrespective of the outcome of this election, use the connections you already have, make new ones and pay it forward. With your help, MN District 23B will elect Nicholas Schmitz, an independent choice for your Minnesota State Legislature.