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Message from the President:

The New Hampshire Soccer Officials Association has announced its fees for the 2023 season. Varsity referees will be paid $83.00 plus mileage, while junior varsity referees will be paid $63.00 plus mileage. One-way mileage rates are as follows: 0-20 miles = $10.00, 21-40 miles = $20.00, 41-60 miles = $30.00, and over 60 miles = $40.00.

Additionally, the association presented longevity awards to several members. Those who had been officiating for 20 years received a gold whistle, those with 25 years of experience received a clock plaque, and those with 30 years of experience received a New Hampshire-shaped plaque. The recipients of these awards were Jason Ayotte, Dave Chestnut, David Harrington, Bruce McAdam, James Smith and Peter Tanguay for 20 years, Gerry Desrocher, David Edkins, Dennis Melanson, and Eric Rossetti for 25 years, and Bill Aubin, Jim Rauscher, Bill Thornton, and Jim Walsh for 30 years.

Thank you.


The Rev. Dr. Robert "Odie" Odierna