Blue Zone


Most Newton schools are located in residential neighborhoods that simply cannot accommodate a large number of cars. Since most students live close enough to walk to our neighborhood elementary schools, families are urged to walk whenever possible. Secondary school students are encouraged to walk, bike, or ride the bus. However, some level of vehicle traffic is inevitable, and “Blue Zones” provide a safer and more efficient way for families to drop off and pick up students by car. A “Blue Zone” is an area designated by the City of Newton for the live drop-off and pick-up of students during restricted times. These areas are marked by blue curbs and signs.

City of Newton Ordinance #19-179: No person shall park a vehicle upon any street within aschool drop–off zone except while engaged in dropping off or picking up passengers, which shallnot be permitted for a period of time longer than one minute. Parking a motor vehicle in arestricted zone is illegal and is punishable by a fine of $25.


Drop-Off: 8:05am-8:35am

Pick-Up: 11:30am-1:00pm (Tuesdays) and 2:00pm-3:30pm (M/W/Th/F)


  • The Blue Zone is a “live” drop–off/pick–up line. Drivers must stay in their cars, ready to move forward. Cars may only remain in the Blue Zone long enough for a child to enter/exit the car.
  • Children must be able to buckle/unbuckle their seatbelts and open/close car doors by themselves in the Blue Zone. If you need to get out of the car to operate the doors or seatbelts, please park in a legal spot.
  • There is no “waiting” in the Blue Zone. You must exit the Blue Zone after picking up or dropping off your child, and you must drop off your child as soon as you are in the drop off area.
  • The Blue Zone isn’t for everyone. If the Blue Zone regulations don’t work for you or your child, please make plans to walk to school or to park in a legal spot and walk to the building.
  • More information here.

Children in younger grades are dismissed directly to caregivers who must walk, bike or park legally to meet them in person. Learn where to park for your school here.


  • Be sure your children have everything they need (backpack, lunch, etc.) and are ready to get out of the car before you enter the Blue Zone.
  • When you pull into the Blue Zone please pull forward as far as possible.
  • Drivers MAY NOT get out of the car.
  • Children MUST use the door on the sidewalk side of the car, NEVER the traffic side.
  • After your child gets out of the car, pull forward and exit the Blue Zone. When you wait, you prevent other caregivers from entering and exiting the Blue Zone, making drop-off less safe and more frustrating for everyone.
  • If the Blue Zone feels too rushed please walk, bike, or park legally and walk your child to the school entrance.


  • Plan to arrive at 3:05 p.m. (or 12:35 p.m. on Tuesdays). The Blue Zone works best when cars arrive after students are dismissed.
  • Pull in behind the last car in line, and be ready to move forward as the line moves.
  • Do not get out of your car – your child will come to you.
  • Once your child is in the car and buckled, please pull forward and exit the Blue Zone.