What YOU can do

1. Report Concerns to Newton 311

A first step is to submit your concern through the Newton 311 website, or by calling to 617-796-1000. You can report anonymously or with contact information so you can track the progress of the report. Include the exact location and preferably a photo. Sidewalk repairs, sign and traffic signal problems, brush covering the sidewalk, snow concerns and more. 

2. Reach out to your school's Safe Routes representative

Each school has a Safe Routes representative on the Task Force. Scroll through the list to find yours. 

Safe Routes Reps 2019-2020

3. Contact the Task Force directly

Bigger suggestion or concern? Email Jenn Martin, Chair of the Safe Routes to School Task Force at newtonsaferoutes@gmail.com.

Contact us at NewtonSafeRoutes@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook at @NewtonSafeRoutes