What We Do


International Walk & Roll to School Day

Winter Walk Event

Bike to School Day

and more.....


2nd Grade Pedestrian Curriculum

4th or 5th Grade Bike Safety Training


Safe Routes works closely with DPW and NPS to make sure new schools are walk/bikeable, and to improve safety and enhance walk/bikeability at older schools.


The Safe Routes Parent Survey in 2014 was completed by 2200 Newton Public School families. 67% of families stated they wanted to live in a community where most kids walk or bike to school


Safe Routes partners with Newton Police to enhance the safety of students who walk and bike

Snow removal ordinance

Anti-idling Law


Safe Routes works to support safe, active, and healthy opportunities for all children and adults regardless of ability, socio-economic status, and/or race

Contact us at NewtonSafeRoutes@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook at @NewtonSafeRoutes.