Oak Hill
Middle School

The City of Newton and Newton Public Schools are working this summer to improve the safety of walking and biking to school in light of COVID. Keep visiting this page, which will be updated as these improvements are implemented.

Are you interested in learning more about helping your student get to school on foot or by bike? Please fill out this form: Walking & Biking to School Form

"Biking to school is a great way to start the day, because you feel good and it's fun!"

Mr. Harutunian, Principal

Bike Parking

Oak Hill has many bike racks at the west end of the building near Brown.

Remember to ALWAYS lock your bike.

Paths to Oak Hill

Oak Hill shares a campus with Brown and Newton South and there are paved connecting paths through the campus, and on Parker Terrace from the west and Littlefield Road from the east. You can see these routes on Open Street Maps. These off-street routes move students out of the way of vehicles.

Crossing Route 9

Many Oak Hill students live north of Route 9. Our bike routes use three main crossings. There are three main crossings:

  • Parker St. Obey traffic signals and watch for vehicles. If you are on a bike, the preferred way to cross is to dismount from a bike, push the pedestrian button at each of the crossings, and wait for the pedestrian light to cross each approach.

  • Eliot St. footbridge. This is a dedicated foot/bike bridge over Route 9 that exits the SW side of the Eliot T stop and exits onto the sidewalk on the south side of Route 9. You can take quieter streets to the Upper Falls Greenway.

  • Woodcliff Rd. This pedestrian and right-turn only crossing is located between the Wooward and Parker crossings. Access from the north is from Centre St. onto Woodcliff Rd, then take quieter streets to Parker and cross at the HAWK light at Truman Rd.

Bike Routes

This summer Newton Safe Routes, Green Newton School Connections, and Bike Newton crowd-sourced bike routes to secondary schools.

Here are some suggested routes to Oak Hill in Ride with GPS from elementary schools. We recommend that you test these routes with your student and see what works best for them.

Once there is more certainty and details on school for the fall, we hope to organize Bike Trains from these locations so students will ride together in groups to school. Fill out this form if you are interested.

Remote Drop-Off/Pick-Up

We encourage students to walk, bike or take the bus to school. If you must drive, find an area to drop off and meet up away from the school to avoid getting caught in school traffic and to make it safer for your peers. See here for the interactive map.

This also prioritizes access for those students who do need to be driven closer to the front door. Some suggestions are highlighted; work with your student to find a location that works for your family.


Oak Hill Middle School is served by both yellow school buses and the MBTA 52 bus, which continues to be suspended.

Yellow School Bus. Check out bus routes and schedule for Oak Hill and an interactive map of NPS bus stops by school. Visit the NPS School Transportation webpage for more information.

METCO students will find their bus stops and additional information here.

MBTA. Note that the 52 bus service has resumed. Check here for the schedule; it may continue to change this fall.

Student Charlie Card. Students can also pick up a (free) student Charlie Card that allows them to ride the MBTA at a reduced rate. The card is available at the main office at Oak Hill.