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Bigelow Walking and Biking to School - Fall 2020

"Walking or riding to school is a fun way to get some fresh air and exercise and be ready for learning. If you're planning to ride your bike or scooter, make sure that you make that decision with your family and that they know and approve the route you are planning to take."

Ms. Fitzgerald, Bigelow PE Teacher

Bike Routes

This summer Newton Safe Routes, Green Newton School Connections, and Bike Newton crowd-sourced bike routes to secondary schools.

Here are some suggested routes to Bigelow in Ride with GPS. Please test routes with your student to find what works best for them.

Once there is more certainty and details on school for the fall, we hope to organize Bike Trains from these locations so students will ride together in groups to school.
Fill out this form if you are interested.

Bike Parking

Bigelow has bike racks in front of the school and at the parking lot on Park Street.

Remember to ALWAYS lock your bike.

Walking to Bigelow

Lots of students walk to Bigelow every day. This fall, two entrances will be open for students: the front entrance at Vernon for students coming from the North and the Gym entrance, at the parking lot, for those coming from the South.

Safe crossing with warning lights at Arlington x Waverly (push the pedestrian button and wait for vehicles to fully stop) and with stop lights at Tremont x Park, Tremont x Waverly, Center x Church.

Walking & Biking to School Form


Bigelow Middle School is served by both yellow school buses and the MBTA.

Yellow School Bus. New this year: Bus Zone on Arlington St. Check out bus routes and schedule for Bigelow and an interactive map of NPS bus stops by school. Visit the NPS School Transportation webpage for more information.

METCO students will find their bus stops and additional information here.

MBTA. Bus 57, at Park St. and Elmwood (Lines 52, 501, 503 are suspended until further notice).

Student Charlie Card. Students can pick up a (free) student Charlie Card that allows them to ride the MBTA at a reduced rate. Normally the card is available at both the Bigelow main office and the NPS Transportation Office at the Ed Center. Details of how they will be distributed will be forthcoming. More information here.

Remote Drop-Off/Pick-Up

We encourage students to walk, bike or take the bus to school. If you must drive, please find an area to drop off and pick up away from the school to avoid getting caught in school traffic and to make it safer for everyone. This also prioritizes access for those students who do need to be driven. Work with your student to find a location that works for your family.

Some suggestions are:

  • Park St, between Farlow and Church

  • Church St

  • Eldredge St

  • Arlington St, between Waverly and Pembroke

  • Please AVOID Arlington St between Waverly and Park, as it is now a Yellow Bus Zone

PLEASE NOTE temporary changes to Traffic and Parking regulations around Bigelow: Letter and Map.

Traffic and Parking Regulations

Bigelow is located on a busy corner. If you have to drive, please drive slowly and yield to pedestrians. The safety of our children is paramount!

It is important to obey all traffic signs and parking regulations in the area - note temporary changes due to Covid. Please:

  • Drop-off and pick-up allowed on Vernon St. and on the right hand side of Park St. Pull over to the curb and pull as far forward as possible. Drivers should not leave their vehicles.

  • Please AVOID Arlington St between Waverly and Park, as it is now a Yellow Bus Zone

  • Do NOT park on the left hand side of Park St. It is marked “No Parking.”

  • Do NOT stop in the middle of the street to drop-off or pick-up students. This blocks the flow of traffic and is unsafe.

  • Do NOT block the entrance to driveways or parking lots. Be respectful of our neighbors’ property and access.

  • Do NOT park and leave your vehicle in the designated bus pick-up zone on Arlington St.

  • Do NOT park in the handicapped parking spots in front of the school unless if you have handicapped tags.

  • Respect the speed limits posted in the school zone.

  • Please turn the car engine off. Idling is against the law and car fumes are bad for kids health. Turning the engine off can reduce children’s exposure to pollutants, save money, help the environment, and avoid a fine.

  • Inform all family members and caregivers who pick-up or drop-off children at Bigelow of these procedures.

The City of Newton and Newton Public Schools worked in the summer of 2020 to improve the safety of walking and biking to school in light of COVID. Keep visiting this page, which will be updated as these improvements are implemented.

Are you interested in learning more about helping your student get to school on foot or by bike in the fall? Please fill out this form: Walking & Biking to School Form