A call for reconsidered, once-forgotten photographs

Public submissions are currently closed

Reconsider a personal unused picture.

We encourage you to dig through boxes, drawers, closets, and hard drives, to find an image that's yours, and give it fresh new meaning.

Re-contextualize what a single photograph can mean over time, in 350 words or less, in any form that fits — then share it with us!

image of a hand touching obsolete picture disc
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When looked at with new eyes, our images ask us questions.

How much of the meaning and power of photographic images can we locate inside the border of the photograph? What do your old pictures mean now? Is the meaning still what it once was? Have our images changed us? What new latent meanings grow from the changing environment of our time?

Is your photograph a poem, a short essay, a memoir, a word game, or lyrical narrative? This program intends to provide space to slow down our image consumption, to digest, ruminate, and attempt to absorb what our photographs, one at a time, mean now.

All submissions will receive a followup email response, and will be considered by the curatorial team for the project website, an e-zine, and or a followup invitation for video call conversation. Your submission is your application for any or all of these levels of participation. All inquiries can be directed to Daniel King at

DEADLINES: Ohio University Students deadline is March 1, 2019

Students, email your submissions, both image and text (350 words or less), to, including your full name and preferred mode of contact.

All submissions will be considered for inclusion with the first New Old Image eXchange, a multidisciplinary panel discussion at the School of Art + Design, Ohio University, Athens, as well as a project book "New Old Images (now)" to be published in 2019. All completed entries will receive a free copy of the e-book, and the opportunity to purchase the print edition at discounted rate. One entry per person allowed. Questions can be directed to

  • New Old Image eXchange event: Tuesday, February 12, 2019
  • Book project to be published in the Spring of 2019

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