Who and What is New Old Images?

NEW OLD IMAGES is a collaborative project started by Daniel King and Cassidy Brauner in late 2018. Two artists bringing unique perspectives together in an effort to empower individual and community dialogues about our collective interest in personal photographs.

Daniel J. King


I work with a tendency toward the idiosyncratic human relationship to place, geography, and representation. Through our human relationship to photographs, I explore the visual and conceptual possibilities that exist in the process of experiencing place in all its complexity, recognizing the mediation that defines our relationship to place and the anxiety of the photographic image and their related texts.

Cassidy Brauner


More than any other medium, photography has held claims to truth and validity. I am intrigued by the idea of truth and how it connects to our own reality. It isn’t about finding what is real or true but rather engaging in questions, moments, and lives. There is no “definite” reality only interpretation based off of complex systems, human nature, and one’s own personal experiences. This is authenticity. Authenticity is layered, opinionated, and familiar. It is elusive, recycled, and comforting.