The New England Journal of History

-Promoting Scholarship of Historical and Educational Significance-

Twice a year the NEHTA publishes an academic journal with the mission of publishing historical inquiries that inform from the novice to scholar. We welcome submissions of pedagogical and scholarly articles, opinion essays, and book, museum and media reviews.

The New England Journal of History upholds a highly selective and interactive process for all of its articles. Publishing an article with the New England Journal of History provides our authors with the opportunity for constructive feedback through our peer review process and an opportunity for international exposure. First published during World War II as The New England Social Studies Bulletin, the journal’s reputation as a publication of stimulating and timely articles of historical and educational analysis continues today. Join us as we nurture the love of history.

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Special Issues

  • The Cold War at 60. Vol.64, No.1 (Fall 2007). 288 pp. $15.
  • The Forgotten War: Korea Fifty Years Later. Vol.60, Nos.1-3 (Fall 2003 – Spring 2004). 334 pp. $15.
  • 100th Anniversary Issue of the NEHTA. Vol.54, No.1 (Fall 1997). 86 pp. $15.

Themed Issues

(* indicates titles that are currently unavailable)

  • Africa: The Diaspora, De-colonization, and America’s Post-Cold War Policy. Vol.58, No.3 (Spring 2002). $10.
  • America and the Pacific Rim. Vol.57, No.3 (Spring 2001). $10.
  • America’s Economic Plans and Policies for Post World War II. Vol.58, No.1 (Fall 2001). $10.
  • Aspects of Expansion: China, Suez, and the American West. Vol.58, No.2 (Winter 2001). $10.
  • Calvin Coolidge: Examining the Evidence. Vol.55, No.1 (Fall 1998). $10.
  • Eastern Europe Since 1989: Foreign Policies and Legal Reform. Vol.61, No.1 (Fall 2004). $10.
  • Eastern Europe Since 1989: Special Focus on Southeastern Europe. Vol.56, No.3 (Spring 1999). $10.
  • Gender Studies. Vol.65, No.1 (Fall 2008). $10.
  • Genocide and Other Aspects of Racism. Part I. Anti-Semitism, Holocaust, and a United Germany. Vol. 59, No.1 (Fall 2002). $10.
  • Genocide and Other Aspects of Racism. Part II: Armenia, the Balkans, and America. Vol.59, No.2 and 3 (Spring 2003, Winter 2002). $10.
  • *Immigration.Vol.50, No.1 (Spring 1993). $10.
  • Maritime History. Vol.53, No.1 (Spring 1996). $10.
  • *Native American History.Vol.62, No.1 (Fall 2005). $10.
  • New England. Vol.53, No.2 (Fall 1996). $10.
  • New England. Vol.50, No.2 (Fall 1993). $10.
  • The Nixon Presidency: A Retrospective 25 Years Later. Vol.56, Nos.2 and 3 (Spring 2000, Winter 1999). $10.
  • People in Crisis. Vol.51, No.1 (Spring 1994). $10.
  • Preindustrial American Economics. Vol.57, No.1 (Fall 2000). $10.
  • The Presidency of John F. Kennedy. Vol.52, No.2 (Fall 1995). $10.
  • Sports and Leisure. Vol.51, No.2 (Fall 1994). $10.
  • The Vietnam War: 25 Years Later. Vol.54, No.3 (Spring 1998). $10.
  • *Women. Vol.52, No.1 (Spring 1995). $10.
  • 150 Years of American History: 1770s – 1920s. Vol.57, No.2 (Winter 2000). $10.

NEHTA Newsletter and Forum

  • Special Issue: NEHTA Celebrates its 110th Anniversary. Vol.XIX, No.1 (March 2007). Featuring organizational articles, records, meeting notes, and advertisements from the archives of the New England History Teachers Association. 13 pp. $5.