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In Memory OF Henry Francis Hicks, Jr.

Steve Armstrong captured Henry Hicks when he said, "Henry WAS NEHTA."

Henry was a lovable Renaissance man.  A self-proclaimed Tory who believed that the British should have won the Revolution, he was a scholar, raconteur, and middle school social studies teacher for many years.  Oh, to have sat in on a few of those classes!  

Henry had two notable passions, circuses and military music.  He and his wife Amy had arguably the most valuable personal/private collection of circus memorabilia in the world and were honored guests at well-known circus venues. In his circus library, I saw a book from the 14th century.  Last count, Henry had over 1500 military cds from around the world

Henry was a voracious reader of history and also a well-known re-enactor, portraying John Adams at the Adams National Park and other groups, notably at the House of Delegates at National Council for the Social Studies when the New England History Teachers Association celebrated its 100th Anniversary. 

Henry was also a Primitive Methodist minister, still giving sermons in his 80's.  And what an enjoyable speaker!  When I asked him to be the keynote speaker at the annual Connecticut Council for Social Studies Conference, Henry chose as his topic, "Everything that is wrong about CT," with quotes.  Did I mention that he was also proud to be the official hog reeve of Needham, MA? 

So many more wonderful stories to be told about this remarkable man, mentor and cherished friend.

-Sandy Senior-Dauer

Henry was one of a kind and the soul of NEHTA. Always welcoming and spirited, Henry embodied the collegiality of history lovers and teachers.

-Charles Newhall

Henry Hicks was a giant in NEHTA when I first joined the organization. To me, he WAS NEHTA.

-Steve Armstrong

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