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The Rule of 3C

Conserve, Convert, & Clean! 3 simple steps that you can start doing today to help Canada on its pathway to NetZeroPLUS. "The Rule of 3C means our homes could produce 325 billion kWh of renewable energy each year, while reducing consumption to 175 billion, for a ratio of 2 to 1, while reducing carbon emissions by 39 billion kg."

What is NetZeroPLUS?

If Canada wants to meet the challenge of climate change, buildings must become net zero where they produce as much energy as they consume. Ground source heat pumps are one way to make your home NetZeroPLUS, a system that produces more energy than it consumes! 

Bill Eggertson on NetZeroPLUS

Climate Reality Project Canada brings on Bill Eggertson as guest speaker during their July Ontario Community Call. Bill Eggertson presented on home energy efficiency, NetZeroPLUS, and heat pumps. This session was recorded by CRP and can be viewed here.

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