Immigration / Race Justice Group

Immigration/Race Justice Group (IRJG)

An Action Group of North Central Washington United

Our Statement of Mission and Purpose:

Within the context of NCW United (NCWU), the Immigration/Racial Justice Group endeavors to accompany and provide support for our immigrant community through Education, Direct Support, and Advocacy.

Our Focus:

Education: It is critical for our group to be aware of the current local, state, and national political climate. We also need to be attentive to the resources that can inform us regarding issues of cultural self –awareness and the dynamics of intolerance and racism. As part of our work, we will also work at conveying that which we learn and accomplish with the larger NCWU group as well as our community at large.

Direct Support: We will be attentive to our Hispanic community’s diverse needs for support and safety and work towards addressing those issues.

Advocacy: Realizing that the systemic shortcoming regarding immigration and race are in the Olympia and D.C. halls of power, we will ally with local, state, and national agencies which can engage and advocate for justice, compassion, and equity.