There exists in our valley an increased level of fear overshadowing our immigrant neighbors. The real threat of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity is significantly affecting these families, especially the children who never know for sure if their parents will be apprehended while they are in school.

One of our goals currently is to provide an “Immigrant Family Support and Safety” packet for families, business’, and community organizations intended to help families and employers prepare for the eventuality of a raid or individual apprehension. Other documents have also been prepared and are listed below.

In addition, the IRJG has also prepared a Community Rapid Response Plan in the event of a mass raid or family apprehension in order to provide safety, security, and essential needs for those who remain.

Finally, realizing that many of our immigration issues are the consequences of systemic and institutionalized racism, we provide a Building Bridges workshop described further below.

A. Plan Ahead for Potential ICE Activity

Documents for families at risk, businesses, schools and others that want to be knowledgeable about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity follow: (businesses see additional document below):

1. Family Safety Plan Folder (Spanish/English): Multiple documents that helps families prepare for the eventuality of mass raids or individual apprehensions. Click here

2. Power of Attorney (Spanish/English): An essential legal document that gives power to a trusted individual regarding custody of children, property assets, finances, medical, etc. Click here

3. Know your Rights (Spanish/English): What does a family need to know if ICE comes to their door or place of work? Knowing specific rights can avoid more difficult situations.

a. Know your rights: Click here

b. Know your rights flyer: Click here

c. What to do if ICE comes to your door: Click here

4. What to do in case of a raid/apprehension (Spanish/English): Detailed instructions on finding whereabouts of detainee, documentation, legal help, and other important items for those remaining. Click here

5. Immigrant Family Safety and Support Pamphlet: A convenient and concise summary of most of the above documents, on 8X11, to be tri-folded. Easily distributed. Click here

6. Employer’s Rights (English): What rights does an employer have in the event of an ICE visit? Click here

7. Resources for families who are anticipating detention or have experienced deportation: Community resources are listed including legal aid and social service agencies. These have also been given to our Chelan County Correctional Facility.

Urgent contacts: Click here

In case of detention/deportation contacts: Click here

Recursos en caso de detención/deportación: Click here

Guide to the NW Detention Center, Tacoma, WA: Click here

8. Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN): A statewide umbrella organization which has further resources, staff, and provides workshops to assist your efforts:

B. Building Bridges workshop:

Building Bridges of Understanding: An Introductory Workshop on Cultural Self-awareness and the Dynamics of Intolerance and Racism. This engaging and interactive workshop is nine hours in length and is available for your organization, institution, or community leaders. Also adapted for congregations/synagogues and faith-based organizations. More details on our website: