Election 2018

Was there a Blue Wave in Chelan County: Yes, and it was tidal!

Looking at Congressional District 8 alone for comparison, Dems increased their average vote count by 38% and in contrast Republicans decreased their vote count by -20%! This while the total vote count between voting cycles remained pretty much the same.

Additionally, there was no one particular area that was a hot spot, each of the different districts (grouped by school district) below showed significant improvement, Pateros being the exception with only a 3 vote margin towards Republicans.

For a detailed dashboard look here: 2018 Chelan Precinct Dashboard

So, how did Ann Diamond do?

Well, she kicked butt as well going up against and established local politician. 21% increase for non-Reps overall and -6% decrease in votes for Reps.

I credit Ann 100% for scaring off Condotta and for that we can all be forever thankful.

On a side note: Cashmere, why oh why oh why must you be so polar. Cashmere net 197 votes for Reps.