New Century Center for Academic Excellence
Serving South East Michigan Since 2000

New Century Center for Academic Excellence (NCCAE) is an equal opportunity organization which provides education and academic enrichment. The center has a zero-tolerance policy of discrimination based on race, age, and sexual orientation with respect to admissions, use of facilities, faculty and scholarship.

NCCAE is a non-profit organization, and its main objectives are academic enrichment related services to the general public. NCCAE is part of the Michigan New Century Chinese Center (MNCCC). MNCCC was established in January 2000. MNCCC is administrated by a board of members. They are non-paid volunteers. Most board members are parents of students in the school.   

Our Vision 

Serve the community by enriching the young generation’s academic skills and developing their talents.

Our Mission    

Team Values

1. We say what we think and do what we believe
2. We carry out our positive influence onto our clients
3. We hold people accountable and appreciate people’s success
4. We offer feedback directly with honor and respect

1. We listen and understand others
2. We communicate facts whether it is good news or bad news
3. We focus on facts, not emotion, with a respectful attitude and without ego
4. We are concise and to the point

1. We act fast with our best judgment
2. We promote consistency and stability
3. We “WOW” our students and partners
4. We stay focused and move forward to execute the plan

1. We conduct ourselves as if we are the owners
2. We create new, useful ideas and constantly learn from others
3. We champion the best practice
4. We inspire others with our vision and missions

1. We support each other
2. We seek truth and best solutions, not personal victory
3. We hold a positive attitude and respect different opinions
4. We have fun

Administration Team

You are encouraged to join WeChat group 【NCCAE家长群】 to contact directly with the school administration.

To join the WeChat group, please ask one of the administration members.