Total Area : 14749 up area : 6643

Amenities : Disabled boy’s hostel, Primary & secondary school, Prayer Hall, Braille cum normal library, Braille press, Audio recording, Physiotherapy centre, SNAM head office, Staff quarters, Exhibition, Guest rooms. This complex provides a modern,secure and barrier free infrastructure for disabled boys.

Divyang Boy’s Hostel

After the earthquake in 2001 with permission from government social welfare department a hostel for the disabled boy’s Viklang Vidhya Vihar was built with barrier free infrastructure. The hostel has a capacity to house 240 disabled boys.

Free boarding and lodging is provided to the disabled students of Primary and Secondary & Higher Secondary schools,

college and vocational course students. Physical education, games, cultural and recreational activities are also undertaken at this hostel for an all-round development of the boys.

Inclusive Primary School

This unique school is one of the first of its types in India where children of various disabilities like the Visually Impaired,

the Mentally Retarded, the Hearing Impaired and the Orthopedic Handicapped obtain education alongside normal children.

We have competent specially trained teachers to provide primary, special and life skill education to the disabled and normal day students in an inclusive environment.

Inclusive Secondary & Higher Sec. School

This Inclusive Secondary School is well equipped with science lab, computer lab, multimedia and Eduset facility. With the help of specially trained teachers

we are able to educate the disabled and normal students in an inclusive and barrier free environment.

It is a unique school where disabled and normal children get education together.

This school provides education and facilities for extracurricular activities like computer training, sports training, music, participating in various kinds of competitions and providing economical support in our production unit.


Inkprint / Braille/ Multimedia Library

Knowledge is always enhanced when shared.

This Library was established in the year 1981 to provide reading material in an accessible format to the visually impaired and others.

It has a large collection of Ink print and Braille books, audio and video cassettes, CDs and DVDs on various topics.

It has more than

4020 ink print books, 911 Braille books,

2511 audio/ video cassettes, CDs and DVDs.

Braille Press

Braille is a tactile writing system used by the blind and the visually impaired, and found in books, on menus, signs, elevator buttons, and currency.

Braille-users can read computer screens thanks to refreshable Braille displays. They can write Braille with a slate and stylus or type it on a Braille writer.

A computerized Braille press creates study material, books, newsletters, annual report, quarterly magazine and other useful educational material needed by the visually impaired.

This is of tremendous help to the visually impaired for getting access to useful information. Braille books are supplied to students and various affiliated institutions every year.

Audio Recording

This unit fulfils the reading needs of all visually impaired students from primary school to the college level by providing audio cassettes and CDs of study material on various subjects.

The centre produces audio cassettes/CDs of hundreds of books covering a variety of topics ranging from school text books to literature, fiction, poetry and short stories.


A quarterly News Magazine called "Navchetan Andhjan Mandal Samachar” is being published since 2002.

It highlights events of SNAM and publishes various articles relating to health, general knowledge, disability issues,

success stories, and latest information Government schemes for disabled persons, guidance to parents.

A total of 20000 copies of this quarterly magazine was printed and distributed amongst members, donors and other well wishers.

Physiotherapy cares for Cerebral Palsy (C.P.) Children

Special Physiotherapy treatment for cerebral palsy children was started in year 2015-16.

The centre aims to provide physiotherapy treatment to the CP children at a nominal fee.

The goal of the treatment is to help the children develop coordination, build strength, improve balance, maintain flexibility, optimize physical functioning levels and maximize independence.

All treatment is designed to meet a child's individual needs in a way that emphasizes physical fitness, and minimizes injuries and pain. During the period under report a total of 10 cerebral palsy children were treated.

Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy center run at the Viklang Vidya Vihar. We provide treatment to the disabled persons enrolled in the organization and to those persons living in the surrounding areas.

The unit is well equipped and it we charge a nominal fee to persons other than our organizations.

Each unit treats on an average 20 patients per day