Aims & Objective

  • To carry out activities to benefit the disabled irrespective of caste, creed, religion or belief.
  • To provide an all-round education for optimal development of the disabled.
  • To promote vocational training to enable the disabled to earn their livelihood.
  • To educate the families of the disabled to enable them to provide optimum support for the disabled family members in their care.
  • To promote solidarity amongst all the disabled to take a united stand for their rights & interests.
  • To provide Braille and Appliances to Visually Impaired to enhance their knowledge to facilitate further higher education.
  • To provide scholarship and assistance to the needy challenged students.
  • To provide physiotherapy care for the orthopedic handicapped and assist with surgical medical treatment as necessary.
  • To organize workshops, multiple disability camps and day-care centers to benefit the disabled.
  • To develop & maintain cordial public relations with Government, NGOs, Corporate & Industrial Organizations on behalf of the disabled.