Nashville Orienteering

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is a sport that involves navigation through unfamiliar terrain using a map and compass.

A topographic map of the terrain is provided at each event. The map illustrates vegetation, water, changes in elevation, and other land features.

Your task is to navigate to each control point (which are circled on the map) in numerical order.

Orienteering has been described as "running while playing chess," as it involves physical ability in addition to strategizing.

Who orienteers?

Competitive athletes

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Families & kids

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The adventure seeker

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Why orienteer?

It's inexpensive

A day orienteering is cheaper than a movie theater ticket!

Everyone is welcome

Orienteering is for any age or level of experience. There are courses available for all skill levels.

It's a sport for life

You can start at any age and continue for as long as you like. There's always room to improve, and you learn on every course.

It's great exercise

Orienteering is a great way to enjoy some fresh air and stay active.

You're joining a community

Orienteering is a great way to make friends and socialize with others who have similar interests.

You will grow as an individual

The sport teaches self-reliance, improves decision making skills, and strengthens self-confidence. These are great life skills.