Preferred Group

  • Description of Services: Handles all billing, dental and vision payments. They can be called when a conflict arises having to do with dental, excess major medical and vision care issues. They pay your dental bills out of our fund. They are NOT the brokers for our life insurance policy. Please see J.J. Stanis (info and links below) for that.
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1-800-573-7474
  • Fax Number: (518) 641-0325
  • Dental Plan Synopsis (correction - CoPay is $25 as of 1/1/2020)
  • Dental Plan Booklet
  • For dental plan participating providers click here.
  • Handles dental claims for NTA, clerical SRP and administrator bargaining units.
  • Handles vision claims for NTA and administrator bargaining units.
  • Handles retiree billing and claims for eligibile retirees.

Davis Vision

  • Description of Services: NTA Benefit Trust eyeware provider. If there are any issues, please call the Preferred Group (contact info above).
  • Website:
  • To sign up for online access - click "Members" at the bottom of the screen and go through the registration process. Your social security number is your ID number. From here, you can check what dependents are on your policy, find a provider, etc. Remember, depending on your coverage, you may have two vision plans to select from.
  • Phone Number: 1-800-999-5431
  • NOTE: This plan is administered by Preferred Group Plans. Active teachers, teaching assistants and administrators have this plan. Retired SRP's and administrators also have this plan. Retired teachers and teaching assistants can elect to carry this coverage in retirement.
  • Non-participating provider claim form can be found on the "Forms" page.
  • Summary of Davis Vision Plan(s)

National Vision Administrators

  • Description of Services: Secondary vision care provider for those that have ShelterPoint Life excess major medical coverage. Primary vision care provider for active SRP's.
  • Website:
  • Vision Plan Summary
  • To find a participating provider, please select the "Group/Sponsor" as ShelterPoint, enter a zip code and mileage radius once you click here.
  • Phone Number: 1-800-672-7723
  • NOTE: This plan is administered by ShelterPoint. Active teachers, teaching assistants and administrators have this plan. Retired SRP's (if you pay for it) and administrators also have this plan.
  • Non-participating provider claim form can be found on the "Forms" page.

Raymond Opticians

  • Raymond Opticians is an optional vision care provider (applies to active teachers, active teaching assistants, active administrators, retired teachers, retired teaching assistants, retired administrators and retired SRP's). This is NOT an additional insurance program; however, they have agreed to provide some extra "perks." This plan does NOT apply to active SRP's.
  • Please click here and bring this flyer with you when you go to Raymond Opticians. Some sales associates are not aware of this arrangement with the NTA Benefit Fund.
  • $25 co-pay and offers a free set of glasses.
  • Using Raymond Opticians (takes the places of the Davis Vision plan administered by Preferred Group) and the NVA plan administered ShelterPoint Excess Major Medical will bring your total of eyeglasses to three per year. The "free pair" from Raymond Opticians may be designated to any other family member as well.
  • Locations in Orange, Putnam and Westchester counties
  • Website:
  • Phone: (914) 337-3322

ShelterPoint Life Excess Major Medical

  • Description of Services: Provides the NTA excess major medical plan. This plan covers non participating expenses - not copays. This plan offers both deductible and co-insurance reimbursement (please see the plan brochure below) if you or a family member sees a doctor that does not participate with NYSHIP/Empire Plan. It also includes one pair of eyeglasses and an exam for each member who is part of the family plan (the eyeglass plan is provided through National Vision Administrators). Additional benefits (including vision care) can be found by clicking the "Excess Major Medical Plan Company Brochure" link below. If a conflict arises, please contact the Preferred Group first (contact information above). For further assistance, contact ShelterPoint Life directly at the number below.
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1-800-365-4999
  • How do I file a claim for co-insurance benefits? Please see the FAQ section. A claim form is available on the "Forms" page.
  • NOTE: If you use a non-participating vision provider, you can find the claim form here.
  • To obtain your $50 per night in hospital stay benefit, please contact ShelterPoint in writing. The "In-Hospital Claim Form" can be found on the "Benefit Forms" page. This benefit is for the primary insured only.
  • Excess Major Medical Plan Company Brochure

J.J. Stanis & First Reliance Standard

  • Desciption of Services: First Reliance Standard Life Insurance company carries the policy. Non-contributory life insurance ($50,000) , dependent life insurance ($15,000) and contributory life insurance (up to $300,000) are available through them. J.J. Stanis is the broker. Any customer service questions should be directed to J.J. Stanis.
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: J.J. Stanis - (516)-465-3900
  • NOTE: Any time there is a change in life status, forms need to be updated.
  • NOTE: Since this is group life insurance, members are eligible to join during the open enrollment period (usually September) without proof of good health. Payments are made through payroll deduction. For the NYSUT endorsed term life, level term life and other insurance products click here. The yearly rates are significantly less and payroll deduction is available.

CIGNAPlus Dental Discount Program

  • Desciption of Services: A discount dental program for active and retired Nanuet School District employees (or possibly their dependents) that do not currently have dental coverage. The CIGNAPlus Savings discount program is an alternative to a traditional dental plan.
  • For further information, please click here.
  • For program flyer, please click here.
  • For website enrollment instructions, please click here.
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1-877-521-0244

Health Advocate

  • Description of Services: Health Advocate will help you understand your benefits. Working with your Personal Health Advocate they can help resolve billing issues, fill out paperwork and save you money. More information can be found by clicking here.
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 1-866-695-8622
  • New Service! - Health Cost Estimator - click here for details
  • Available to active NTA members (including spouse, dependents, employee's parents and parents-in-laws) and retirees that have paid for dental, vision or excess major medical coverages. Active administrators may have this coverage as long as they pay the yearly premium.


  • NOTE: This program is offered through the school district. Information is posted here for your convenience.
  • Description of Services: Pays for cancer related claims above and beyond your medical insurance. There are various levels of insurance available. There is an open enrollment period each September.
  • For an overview of the policy, please click here.
  • For the AFLAC "Level 3 Plan" company brochure, please click here.
  • Phone Number: Please contact The Preferred Group at 1-800-573-7474
  • Active members pay for their policy through payroll deduction with pre-tax dollars.
  • To be reimbursed for preventive testing (mammography, etc.) please click here for a sample letter.
  • AFLAC Cancer Terminology
  • AFLAC Cancer Plan Rate Sheet

FLEX 125 Plan

  • NOTE: This program is offered through the school district. Information is posted here for your convenience.
  • For more information, please click here.
  • Forms and additional information for the FLEX 125 Plan can be found on the at the bottom of the "Forms" page.
  • You can check your FLEX Spending Account Balance by going to the Preferred Group website (click here). Instructions for logging into Preferred Group's website can be found by clicking here.
  • The Preferred Group manages this program for the school district.