Welcome to NanoSystems

Welcome to the research group website of Dr Hyeon-Ho Jeong (Assistant Professor) in Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST), Republic of Korea. Our interdisciplinary research group is motivated to tackle challenges in a broad realm of 'nanotechnology' ranging from fundamental engineering to real-life industrial applications. We particularly focus on cutting-edge challenges in 3D nanofabrication, active nanophotonics & metamaterials, chiral plasmonics, multifunctional micro/nanorobotics.

Latest News

(8-10 Jul 2024)OPC PresentationsHyun Min, JuHyeong, Sunghun present their works @ OPC 2024 (2 orals, 1 poster).
(1 Jul 2024)New PositionJang-Hwan moves to MPI, Germany, as a postdoc, all the best!
(24 Jun 2024)MIT visitEunji visits MIT & Harvard for 2 weeks, funded by GIST-MIT grant.
(24 Jun 2024)New MemberMinseo joins our lab as a BS intern during summer, welcome!
(23 Jun 2024)MPI visitJuhwan visits MPI for our collaboration funded by NRF for a month.
(17 Jun 2024)New MemberGyungmin joins our lab as a BS intern (G-SURF), welcome!

Latest Publications

Dichroic engineering with plasmonicsAdvanced Functional Materials(2024 / JCR top 4.5%)
Mussel-inspired nanoparticle transferAdvanced Materials (2024 / JCR top 2.3%)
Active tamm plasmonic resonatorAdvanced Materials(2024 / JCR top 2.3%)
Plasmonic metasurface for taste visualizationACS Applied Materials & Intefaces(2024 / JCR top 16%)
Bioinspred adaptive optical nanofiltersMicrosystems & Nanoengineering(2024 / JCR top 3%)
Plasmonic rotamers for colorationAdvanced Optical Materials(2024 / JCR top 10%)