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Welcome to NanoSystems Laboratory in GIST

Welcome to the research group website of Asst. Prof. Hyeon-Ho Jeong in Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST), Republic of Korea. Our interdisciplinary research group is motivated to tackle challenges in a broad realm of 'nanotechnology' ranging from fundamental engineering to real-life industrial applications. We particularly focus on cutting-edge challenges in 3D nanofabrication, active metamaterials, chiral plasmonics, multifunctional nanocolloids, and biomedical micro- & nano-robotics.

Latest News

We are currently hiring MSc/PhD/PDRA to work on 3D nanofabrication, chiral plasmonics, sensing.
13 Jan. 2020: Our group website is now open
1 Jan. 2020: Hyeon-Ho starts his own group at GIST

Latest Publications

(Article) Arrays of plasmonic nanoparticle dimers with defined nanogap spacersACS Nano (Oct. 2019)
(Proceeding) Soft continuous surface for micromanipulation driven by light-controlled hydrogelsMARSS (Oct. 2019)
(Article) Superior magnetic performance in FePt L10 nanomaterialsSmall (Aug. 2019)
(Invited Review) Recent advances in gold nanoparticles for biomedical applications: from hybrid structures to multi-functionalityJMCB (May 2019)
(Article) Scalable electrochromic nanopixels using plasmonicsScience Advances (May 2019)
(Article) First observation of optical activity in hyper-Rayleigh scatteringPRX (Mar. 2019)