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Here are some pictures from our Ben Byrns Sponsor Appreciation Dinner where we thanked our past, present, and future sponsors for contributing to this great cause. To become a sponsor please see our Sponsor Application on the Upcoming events tab.

Check out some of our cool kids from the community starting summer off right at our Summer Kick Off Event in Central Park!

This event let us talk to the youth and their parents about on of our campaigns Natural High. This campaign teaches kids that you don't need drugs and alcohol to have fun, you can find so many other things that you enjoy doing that are good for you!

You know NACDAC likes to celebrate the shrimp festival just as much as you do! This years parade might have been the most fun one yet. Here are some of the behind the scene sneak peeks of our big NACDAC family getting ready to walk in the parade, and our awesome Yulee High School Teens For Change Club volunteering during the festival.

Here is Rachel, NACDAC's brand new Executive Assistant, working an information table at West Nassau High Schools premiere of the play 9 to 5.

Here are Levi and Sally, our Community Education Specialist and our Community Behavioral Health Specialist working another table at Callahan Elementary School.

Some students learning what smoking cigarettes does to your lungs!

Here is Sally, one of our Community Behavioral Health Specialist, gearing up for prom with our favorite game... Prom Trivia! This game teaches prom goers about the risks of drinking and driving, and engaging in risky behaviors on prom night.

Some lucky prize winners!

We had a great time at the Boondocks Junction Community Fair in Hilliard! Here are Gretchen (Community Education Coordinator), Myeka (Media Specialist), and Marian working an information table.