Nassau Alcohol Crime Drug Abatement Coalition

Prevention Today for a Healthy Tomorrow

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To contact us please reach out to us at (904) 277-3699 | 516 S 10th St. Fernandina Beach, Fl. 32034 |

Who is NACDAC?

Our team is composed of many individuals who specialize in a wide variety of prevention and treatment backgrounds. Our Community Education staff, in schools all across Nassau County, represent NACDAC in an educational setting with easy access to Nassau County's at risk youth. Outside of schools, our highly qualified therapist assess and work with those struggling with substance abuse, mental health, and co-occurring diagnosis. Also, as part of our work in the community , NACDAC partners with our local Law Enforcement as well as First Responders and community leaders in effort to bring the community together. Other behind the scenes parts of NACDAC include our leading role in the Heroin and Opioid Task Force and many partnerships with sistering non-profits.

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