Towards Human-Level Dexterity and Agility

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Introducing MyoChallenge 2023: Towards Human-Level Dexterity and Agility

Humans effortlessly grasp objects of diverse shapes and properties and execute agile locomotion without overwhelming their cognitive capacities. This ability was acquired through millions of years of evolution, which honed the symbiotic relationship between the central and peripheral nervous systems and the musculoskeletal structure. Consequently, it is not surprising that uncovering the intricacies of these complex, evolved systems underlying human movement remains a formidable challenge. Advancements in neuromechanical simulations and data driven methods offer promising avenues to overcome these obstacles. This year’s competition will feature two tracks: the manipulation track and the locomotion track. 

Competition Tracks

The MyoChallenge consists of two tracks:


Develop a general manipulation policy capable of interacting with common household objects,such as children’s toys.


Resembling the World Chase Tag competition, the MyoLeg musculoskeletal model is required to chase or evade an opponent in a 12 x 12-meter arena.

Competition Stages + Timeline
The entire competition is split into two stages. This helps us calibrate the difficulty of the challenge and avoid overfitting.

This phase focuses on problems requiring minimal generalization. The goal of this phase is to bootstrap teams on MyoChallenge problem statements. This phase serves as a qualifier for the next phase.  Each team is constrained to submit a maximum of 5 solutions per day and automatically ranked on a leaderboard.

Teams that meet the qualifying criteria of phase-1 will be participating in phase-2. This phase will focus on task generalization and is the final battleground for the MyoChallenge'23 leading to the final leaderboard of the competition. Each participant will be constrained to submit a maximum 5 solutions per day and automatically ranked on a leaderboard.

Results announcement @ NeurIPS 23

How to start

Steps:  documentation ⇒  tutorials pre-trained behaviors ⇒ train yourself

MyoChallenge is built upon the MyoSuite ecosystem that consists of a set of physiologically realistic musculoskeletal models and a suite of tasks defined in OpenAI gym interface. The MyoSuite hosts a diverse collection of tasks, associated pre-trained behaviors policies, and training code to replicate results. If you're interested in participating, take a look at our challenge repo to get an overview on what to do next. 

How to Participate

MyoChallenge is hosted on EvalAI. Register your team on the EvalAI platform and try the submit button above for tutorials on how to get started with the challenge and how to submit your solutions.


Awards Winners:

Winner Manipulation Track: Team Lattice

Winner Locomotion Track: Team GaitNet

Best Student Teams Award: Team JustRandom 


MyoChallenge'23 Leaderboard


Phase 1:

 Rank Participant team Score (↑) Effort (↓) 

1 GaitNet 1.00000 0.02720

2 NUR-TEAM 1.00000 0.03396

3 CarbonSiliconAI 0.97959 0.06710


Phase 1:

 Rank Participant team Time (↓) Score (↑) Points (↑) 

1 GaitNet 3.20980 0.83951 0.97959

2 MSKBioDyn 10.19122 0.49044 0.61224

3 Lattice 12.61408 0.36930 0.48980

Phase 2:

 Rank Participant team Score (↑) Effort (↓) 

1 Lattice 0.34343 0.05220

2 GaitNet 0.30303 0.05506

3 CarbonSiliconAI 0.20202 0.07620

Phase 2:

 Rank Participant team Time (↓) Score (↑) Points (↑) 

1 GaitNet 11.06697 0.66613 0.63636

2 MSKBioDyn 11.08687 0.23651 0.20202

3 CarbonSiliconAI 13.56232 0.17307 0.09091



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