My Music by Me Music Discography

Every recording released by My Music by Me Music

– attributed to Steve Fitch unless otherwise stated, with links to listen to sampler medleys and to purchase downloads.

Sampler medleys are monophonic MP3 @ lowish variable bitrate.

Downloads of albums/EPs are through Chec (, which is quite simple and easy. Those pages are linked from Bandcamp pages where non-compilation titles are posted, because I take issue with Bandcamp's having helped itself to an additional cut in order to finance superfluous development resutling in delayed payment of sales and no notification of them, "social" features on a sales platform, the "recommended similar artists" thing, and promotion of select musicians on its landing page (presumably in collusion with the musicians' publicists). I use Bandcamp to host sampler medleys and to sell downloads of compilations and a few other titles. If you like my music enough to pay for a $5 download of an album, you might appreciate that 15% of that is not going to Bandcamp, but rather that instead 2% is going to Chec – not counting PayPal's extra 3% cut in either case, which is practically a begrudged fact of life.

If you'd like to order music from me directly, per request, so much the better.

Unless and until another resource for on-demand production and fulfillment be found, CDs are no longer available, with Createspace being completely absorbed by Amazon, which, for the past 10 years, I had deliberately refrained from using for CD sales.

I no longer sell my 20th-Century music. The past belongs to the past; my newer stuff's way better.

[updated 25 Sept 2018]