My Music by Me Music Discography

Every recording released by My Music by Me Music

– attributed to Steve Fitch unless otherwise stated, with links to listen to sampler medleys and to purchase downloads.

Sampler medleys are monophonic MP3 @ lowish variable bitrate.

Downloads of albums/EPs are through Chec (, which is simple and easy. Those pages are linked from Bandcamp pages where non-compilation titles are posted. I use Bandcamp to host sampler medleys and to sell downloads of compilations and a few other titles.

If you'd like to order music from me directly, per request, so much the better.

Unless and until another resource for on-demand production and fulfillment be found, CDs are no longer available, with Createspace being completely absorbed by Amazon, which, for the past 10 years, I had deliberately refrained from using for CD sales.

I no longer sell my 20th-Century music. The past belongs to the past; my newer stuff's way better.

[updated 12 December 2018]