A collaborative coaching style...

When you train with me, you get more than just a coach. You get an experienced softball player and coach who has been in your exact shoes. My goal as a coach is to not just instruct, I teach my girls why we do what we do. I run every practice by physically showing them drills and explaining why every drill is imperative, as well as teaching the importance of the mental approach to everything we do.

We like to have fun at our lessons, but I will also challenge every athlete to excel physically and mentally. I customize my one on one workouts to each athlete's needs, capabilities and comfort level. We set goals that are collaborative and work together each practice taking steps forward towards our goal. Small changes become big results.

Ready to get to that next level? Ready for a coach that collaborates with you? Ready to have some fun?

Let's start you on the road map to success! I hope to see you soon!