General Music

Beginning Recorder Videos in Spanish

Music Service Learning Rounds and Canons Series with Subtitles in Spanish

Make sure to turn on the subtitles.

Composer Biographies



Kodály Solfege Videos

Sol-Mi Introduction

This video gives students experience singing sol and mi with various patterns. The instructor teaches these patterns by rote.

Level: Elementary General Music

Note Names

Profe Selvin gives an introduction to the notes of the major scale in Spanish. CAREFUL! Spanish uses fixed solfege for note names, not letters.

Kodály Rhythm Videos

Introduction to Ta and Ti-Ti

This video features a cartoon video call in which an animal tells a story about meeting two friends on her way home, one which says "ta" and "ti-ti." The explanation begins at 1:43. At the end of the video, there are opportunities for students to practice saying these rhythms.

Orchestra Instrument Families

In this video, Profe Selvin discusses orchestra instrument families and relates them to human families.


Prof Selvin teaches fast vs. slow by relating the tempi to rabbits and turtles.

Body Percussion Pop Song Video

This video features a famous pop song from Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony with body percussion. This can be used as part of a multicultural lesson as well.

Mariachi Instruments

In this video, Everardo Navarrete discusses Mariachi instruments, such as the vihuela and guitarrón.

Type and Level: 4-5th Grade Multicultural Lesson