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The online resources of the Association Musicologie Médiévale are completely free and non-commercial.

By joining or donating to the Musicologie Médiévale Association, you are actively supporting research, the dissemination of discoveries and knowledge, as well as the preservation of our heritage.

Putting our work and our discoveries at the disposal of musicians and musicologists, implies an intense labour of research, management and organization, one which requires a full time commitment.


  • Funding research projects:

    1. MMMO contains multiple indexing projects, in addition to being the largest virtual library of medieval music manuscripts:

I. Cantus Imperii,

II. Cantus Romanus,

III. Cantus Italicus,

IV. AMS+ Project,

V. Troparia Project.

    1. The dissemination of knowledge via the Musicologie Médiévale Network. The MM Network is a recognized search engine sharing many discoveries from new sources.

    2. Transmission of the so-called Gregorian chant repertoire with the Gregofacsimil site.

  • Acquiring equipment for digitizing and saving data, as well as reference books allowing us to establish quality records.

  • Improving and maintaining resources accessible free of charge to all.

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On request, your name can appear in the list of members and public benefactors:

Maria Isabel Arias

Charles Atkinson (Ohio State University/Universität Würzburg)

Margaret Bent (University of Oxford)

Gionata Brusa

Marie-Virginie Cambriels

Christelle Cazaux (FHNW - Schola Cantorum Basiliensis)

Ralph Corrigan

Ensemble Cum Jubilo

Mary Channen Caldwell (University of Pennsylvania)

David Fallows (University of Manchester)

Joaquim Garrigosa Massana Ateneu Univ. Sant Pacià)

Gisèle Clément (Université de Montpellier)

Michael Scott Cuthbert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Julia Craig-McFeely (University of Oxford)

David Ganz (The Medieval Institute University of Notre Dame)

Barbara H. Haggh-Huglo (University of Maryland)

Leofranc Holford-Strevens (Oxford University Press)

Thomas Forrest Kelly (Harvard University)

Karin Lagergren (Linneaus University (SE), Alamire Foundation (BE)

Compagnie ORION

Franz Karl Prassl (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)

Mauro Stelletti

Arturo Tello Ruiz-Pérez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Susan Rankin (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)

Jenifer Tranier

Hendrik Vanden Abeele (PhD, Leiden University)

Louis-Marie Vigne (CGP)