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Dedicated to the study, exploration, and conservation of caves

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The MSS is the Minnesota chapter, or grotto, of the National Speleological Society (NSS). We are a non-profit MN corporation and have no paid staff, all our activies and programs are the result of the many dedicated volunteers.

The MSS membership consists of many different people from all walks of life. Our membership include both members involved with caves and karst professoinally and members whose hobby is caving. We have members that are underground every weekend and we have members that never go caving.

Something you might notice about the MSS if you come to a meeting is that everyone is kind, accepting, and generally good people. Ask a question and you will get answers. Keep quiet and you will get introductions. We are friendly and often entertaining. In each of us, there is something that draws us to caves, and that common thread is what draws us together.

When you become a member of the MSS, you join the club as an apprentice. Once you have demonstrated continued interest and support for the club by attending meetings and participated in caving trips and projects, the Board will vote for full membership status by which you have club voting rights and are eligible for election to the board.

Annual dues are only $15 for individuals or $20 per family. Although not required by our by-laws, membership to the National Speleological Society is strongly encouraged. (dues for the NSS are seperate)

Dues provide:

  • Support for MSS projects (conservation, mapping, rescue resources, history, education)
  • The Minnesota Speleology Monthly Publication
  • Access to online MSS listserv
  • Information and access to various MSS events

  • Note: The MSS, like other grottos, does not publish cave locations.

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