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School Counseling Lesson Schedule (updated 3/22/21)

Counseling Lessons: Counseling lessons are offered once a week to in-person students and once a week from remote learners through Zoom. The link is posted on Clever.


10:35-11:05 2nd (in person)

11:05-11:35 2nd (remote)

12:55-1:25 1st (in person)

1:25-1:55 1st (remote)


10:55-11:25 Kinder (in person)

11:25-11:55 Kinder (remote)

12:00-12:55 Remote Lunch Groups


11:05-11:35 4th (in person)

11:35-11:55 4th (remote)

12:00-12:55 In-person Lunch Groups


10:35-11:05 3rd (in person)

11:05-11:35 3rd (remote

11:35-12:50 Remote Lunch Groups


11:05-11:35 5th (in person)

11:35-12:05 5th (remote)

12:05-12:50 In Person Lunch Groups

Check-ins: I am asking every student to please check in with me! Click the Check In tab to complete a quick "HELLO". Tell me how you are doing so I know you are safe and well, and if I can help in any way. I miss you!

Group/Individual Counseling: Click on the Referrals tab to request individual or group counseling. This is offered via Zoom and/or phone conferencing.

Resources: Click on the Resources tab for Covid-19 specific resources and general crisis resources. Please contact me if you need assistance. I am delivering food & necessities on a weekly basis. I can also point you toward more specific assistance to meet your current needs.