Vocabulary Makeup

To make up a week of missing vocabulary (you have two weeks to turn them in, except at the end of a six weeks period)

Your makeup assignment is compare and contrast.

Create and turn in a one-page "paper" where you choose 10 of the current vocabulary terms, split them into 5 pairs, and compare and contrast each pair. Bold the vocabulary terms in your page so that I can identify them.

Which terms you choose for this assignment are important. For example if you picked the terms "Flash memory" and "LAN" they would be hard to relate to each other, but if you picked "Main memory" and "secondary memory" you could write something like the following.


Main memory is very easy and fast to access when the CPU needs data or instructions, whereas secondary memory is slow to access. However, typically a limitation of main memory is that it has limited capacity, often only a few gigabytes. By contrast secondary memory often has huge capacity, at least several times as large and sometimes much greater like multiple terabyte hard drives.

(please choose terms that are not the ones I just used in my example)

Per FWISD policy for makeup assignments, the highest grade I can give for doing this makeup is a 70%, which points-wise works out to 35 points out of 50. Please turn in your makeup assignment within two weeks of failing to do your vocabulary assignment, and ask me if you have any questions.