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The following links will take you to appropriate videos for each chapter of the textbook. Remember, from the syllabus I am aiming for videos that will cover what is important on the AP exam not videos that will copy the textbook exactly. That being said, there are some videos in here that aim to pull out the most important information from the book chapter itself (although they usually refer to an earlier edition of the book).

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www.apgovreview.com (Adam Norris)

Hip Hughes History (Keith Hughes)

Other useful videos appear at the bottom of this page, including playlists for the whole course.

Chapter 2: The Constitution

Adam Norris Chapter 2 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #2, The Bicameral Congress

Crash Course #3, Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances

Crash Course #5, Constitutional Compromises

Adam Norris #1, Constitutional Influences

Adam Norris #2, Separation of Powers

Adam Norris #3, Checks and Balances

Adam Norris Unit 1 Review

Keith Hughes, Checks and Balances for Dummies

Keith Hughes, Constitutional Flexibility for Dummies

Keith Hughes, The Constitutional Convention of 1787 for Dummies

Keith Hughes, The Articles of Confederation Explained

Keith Hughes, The Unwritten Constitution Explained

Chapter 3: Federalism

Adam Norris Chapter 3 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #4, Federalism

Adam Norris #5, Federalism

Adam Norris Unit 1 Review

Keith Hughes, US Federalism For Dummies

Keith Hughes, Federalism Explained in One Minute

MyCitizenU, Federalism

Shmoop, Federalism

Chapter 4: Civil Liberties

Adam Norris, Chapter 4 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #23, Civil Rights & Liberties

Crash Course #24, Freedom of Religion

Crash Course #25, Freedom of Speech

Crash Course #26, Freedom of the Press

Crash Course #27, Search and Seizure

Crash Course #28, Due Process of Law

Adam Norris #46, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Adam Norris #47, Important Civil Liberties to Know

Adam Norris #49, The Incorporation Doctrine

Keith Hughes, The Fifth Amendment Explained

Keith Hughes, NY Times vs. US

Keith Hughes, Should Flag Burning be Illegal?

Keith Hughes, The Death Penalty

Keith Hughes, Student Rights Explained

Keith Hughes, Obscenity and Free Speech

Keith Hughes, The First Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Second Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Third Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Fourth Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Fifth Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Sixth Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Seventh Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Eighth Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Ninth Amendment

Keith Hughes, The Tenth Amendment

Chapter 5: Civil Rights

Adam Norris, Chapter 5 Summary (15th ed)

Adam Norris #48, Civil Rights to Know

Crash Course #29, Equal Protection

Crash Course #30, Sex Discrimination

Crash Course #31, Discrimination

Crash Course #32, Affirmative Action

Keith Hughes, The Fourteenth Amendment Explained

Keith Hughes, The Equal Rights Amendment

Chapter 6: Public Opinion

Adam Norris, Chapter 6 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #33, Public Opinion

Crash Course #34, Shaping Public Opinion

Crash Course #35, Political Ideology

Adam Norris #7, Citizens Beliefs about Government and Leaders

Adam Norris #8, Political Socialization

Adam Norris #9, Public Opinion

Adam Norris #10, Participation in Politics

Adam Norris #11, Citizens' Political Beliefs

Keith Hughes, Demographics for Dummies

Keith Hughes, Ideology 101

Keith Hughes, What is a Libertarian?

Keith Hughes, What is a Liberal?

Keith Hughes, What is a Conservative?

Keith Hughes, What is Socialism?

Keith Hughes, What is an Anarchist?

Chapter 7: Mass Media

Adam Norris, Chapter 7 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #44, Media Institutions

Crash Course #45, Media Regulation

Adam Norris #21, The Functions and Structures of News Media

Adam Norris #22, Impacts of News Media on Politics

Adam Norris #23, News Media Industry

Chapter 8: Political Parties

Adam Norris, Chapter 8 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #40, Political Parties

Crash Course #41, Party Systems

Adam Norris #12, Function and Organization of Political Parties

Adam Norris #13, Development of Political Parties

Adam Norris #14, Political Parties' Effects on Political Process

Keith Hughes, Political Realignment for Dummies

Keith Hughes, Explaining Federalist #10

Keith Hughes, Third Parties Explained

Chapter 9: Campaigns, Elections and Voting

Adam Norris, Chapter 9 Summary (15th ed, Nominations and Campaigns)

Crash Course #38, How Voters Decide

Crash Course #39, Political Campaigns

Adam Norris, Chapter 10 Summary (15th ed, Elections and Voting)

Adam Norris #15, Electoral Laws and Systems

Adam Norris #20, PACs and Super PACs

Keith Hughes, Electoral College for Dummies

Keith Hughes, McCutcheon v FEC Explained

Keith Hughes, What is a Caucus?

Keith Hughes, What is a Superdelegate?

Chapter 10: Interest Groups

Adam Norris, Chapter 11 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #42, Interest Groups

Crash Course #43, Interest Group Formation

Adam Norris #16, Interest Groups Range of Interests

Adam Norris #17, Iron Triangles

Adam Norris #18, The Activities of Special Interest Groups

Adam Norris #19, The Effects of Interest Groups on the Political Process

Keith Hughes, Hyperpluralism Explained

Keith Hughes, America and Elite Theory

Keith Hughes, Iron Triangles Explained

Chapter 11: Congress

Adam Norris, Chapter 12 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #6, Congressional Elections

Crash Course #7, Congressional Committees

Crash Course #8, Congressional Leadership

Crash Course #9, How a Bill Becomes a Law

Crash Course #10 Congressional Decisions

Adam Norris #24, Congress Intro

Adam Norris #25, House of Representatives

Adam Norris #26, The Senate

Adam Norris #27, Congressional Committees

Adam Norris #28, Congress and Other Political Institutions

Chapter 12: The Presidency

Adam Norris, Chapter 13 Summary (15th ed)

Crash Course #11, Presidential Power 1

Crash Course #12, Presidential Power 2

Crash Course #13, Congressional Delegation

Crash Course #14, How Presidents Govern

Keith Hughes, Presidential Succession Explained

Keith Hughes, Impeachment and Removal

Adam Norris #29, The Presidency

Adam Norris #30, The Executive Office

Adam Norris #31, Presidential War Powers, Approval and Policymaking

Adam Norris #32, Presidential Enumerated and Inherent Powers

Chapter 13: Budgets, Taxing and Spending

Keith Hughes, Government Shutdown Explained

Adam Norris #41, The Budget Intro

Adam Norris #42, Making the Federal Budget

Chapter 14: Bureaucracy

Crash Course #15, Bureaucracy Basics

Crash Course #16, Types of Bureaucracies

Crash Course #17, Controlling Bureaucracies

Crash Course #47, Government Regulation

Adam Norris #33, The Bureaucracy

Adam Norris #34 Organization of the Bureaucracy

Chapter 15: Federal Courts

Crash Course #18, Legal System Basics

Crash Course #19, Structure of the Court System

Crash Course #20, Supreme Court Procedures

Crash Course #21, Judicial Review

Crash Course #22, Judicial Decisions

Adam Norris #35, The Judicial Branch Intro

Adam Norris #36, Structure of the Judicial System

Adam Norris #37, Selecting Judges

Adam Norris #38, Key Terms with the Judicial Branch

Chapter 16: Economic and Social Welfare

Crash Course #46, Market Economy

Crash Course #48, Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Crash Course #49, Social Policy

Adam Norris #40, Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Adam Norris #43, Keynesian and Supply Side Economics

Adam Norris #44, Unemployment and Inflation

Chapter 17: Health Care, Environment and Energy

Adam Norris #45, Environmental and Healthcare Policy

Chapter 18: National Security

Crash Course #50, Foreign Policy

Constitution Test

Keith Hughes, The Constitution Explained (playlist, 51 videos)

Keith Hughes, The Constitutional Amendments in 10 Minutes

Keith Hughes, The Preamble to the Constitution for Dummies

Keith Hughes, Article III Explained

Keith Hughes, Article IV Explained

Keith Hughes, Article VI Explained


Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics


Keith Hughes: US Government and Politics

Adam Norris, AP Government Essential Videos

AP Exam Review

Adam Norris

#APGov Guru

14 Minutes with Mr. Klaff

Keith Hughes

Adam Norris, Supreme Court Cases to Know