Rules for all multiple-choice assessments

Timing: on a quiz, you have one week to do corrections in AP courses. In Honors courses you have two weeks. For a test, you usually have until the day before the next test to turn them in. Sometimes I will shorten the deadline, if for example it is at the end of a six weeks period. Corrections, like other assignments, could be turned in late if you use a late pass.

Rewards: On a quiz, each correction gets you back half the points you missed for getting the question wrong in the first place. For example, a quiz with 10 questions might have each question worth 6 points (scale is 40-100). Thus, each correction would get you back three points. On a test, each correction gets you back one point of the grade after the curve. Thus, if your grade starts at an 81 on the test and you missed 10 questions, you could raise that to a 91.

Quantity: you do not have to correct every question. You will get credit for each question that you correct.

Requirements: every correction MUST MUST MUST include ALL of the following requirements in order to receive credit.

1) Rewrite, or rephrase the question. You can shorten longer questions and omit or briefly summarize quotations, but you must have at least something that tells me what the question was.

2) Explain. You can choose to either explain why your answer was incorrect, or why the correct answer is correct. This is important. I am NOT asking what you were thinking at the time, I am asking you to tell my WHY or HOW your answer is different from the correct answer.

3) Provide a reference. You need to tell me WHERE the correct answer may be found, and it MUST be SOMETHING WE HAVE USED IN THE COURSE. Many people will use a page in the book as their reference, but you could also use a day of notes, a supplemental reading, reading notes that you took on a chapter, even a video that we watched in class. You may NOT reference Internet sources, unless we used them in class; maybe you can use an Internet source to figure out the right answer, but it is not an acceptable reference. The only time you may use a PERSON as a reference is if you are working with a registered tutor in the classroom economy. Note: the reference requirement applies to Pre-AP and AP courses only; regular courses are exempt.

4) Tell me the correct answer. You only need the LETTER of the correct answer, but it is the first thing I look for. If I cannot find the letter of the correct answer and I am in anything but a very charitable mood, I won’t look any further at that correction.