Marquette Synagogue

Temple Beth Sholom has recently moved our synagogue, founded in 1952 in Ishpeming, to a new location in Marquette, Michigan. Our community came to this decision to be more geographically centered in our mini metropolis. We are enjoying our new building as it is offering the chance to make our facilities fully accessible to all.

Our Sanctification service was a wonderful opportunity for our community to share the offical dedication of our synagogue with our friends, neighbors, and greater communtiy.

Our Open House event for the greater Marquette community welcomed many into our new space. We were so excited to make so many friends at our new location.

Temple Beth Sholom Open House

Floors have just been refinished and the ark process is getting started.

Temple Beth Sholom is going to be accessible for all. We will have a 3 point lift at the rear entrance for quick, easy, and interior access to the sanctuary or social area from the parking lot. There will also be a ramp for access to the bimah and library. We are installing additional lighting in the sanctuary space for improved visibility during evening services.

Ramp to Bimah and Library

Lift Door to Sanctuary Foyer

The beloved windows from the Ishpeming building have made it safely to Marquette and were installed. Arriving upon the scene in the evening is impressive and stunning.

Early in renovations of the Marquette building we experienced a sudden collapse of our ceiling.

Dear TBS Members and Friends:

Several news outlets have broadcast news about TBS' recent purchase of the Citadel in Marquette as our new home. See the links below. We will be updating this page throughout the process of renovation and moving with the newest information at the top.

We will also be keeping you up with all this news coverage on our FACEBOOK site at:

Thanks for sharing in this exciting time with us!

Press Release

Temple Beth Sholom purchased “the Citadel”, located at 223 Blaker St. in Marquette, at the end of December to be its future home. Temple Beth Sholom is the areas only Jewish Congregation. The current temple building is located in Ishpeming. When the building housing Temple Beth Sholom was built in the 1950s, most of the Jewish community lived in the Western end of the county. Over the last 60 years most of the Jewish community moved towards Marquette, following the growth of the hospital and Northern Michigan University in Marquette.

Having long considered moving the home of the congregation to Marquette, as most of the Jews in Marquette County live in Marquette City, and hoping its presence near the University would encourage more Jews students to attend, the membership was finally able to make this move a reality through a generous donation and commitments from membership.

The Citadel fits the needs of the Jewish community perfectly. It was built as a Christian Science Church in the 1920s, and retains much of the openness of a house of worship. It’s location, near the Landmark Inn in downtown Marquette, makes it an easy place to get to for Northern Michigan University students. The previous owners used it as a private dwelling (upper level) with two apartments (lower level). Renovations to re-create a sanctuary and library on the upper level and a social hall on the lower level will start soon. The process is anticipated to take a year or so to complete. The famous stained glass windows in the sanctuary at the Ishpeming building will be relocated to the new building, as well as much of the original furniture and fixtures as possible.

Follow the renovations on this site. If you would like more history of the Citadel go to

News about the Move

Ceiling collapse at TBS-Marquette Location Pictures.