About UP Judaism

Being Jewish in Northern Michigan offers unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring we are all Jews by choice. We welcome members who grew up Jewish, became Jews by choice, or a seeking a connection to Judaism. Families in our congregations are often interfaith. We also welcome individuals of all gender identities, sexualities, races, and abilities.

At Temple Beth Sholom we joke that we are a ReformOdox congregation. This stems from the fact that we work hard to include community members from a variety of religious backgrounds and observance styles. We have student rabbis who come to our community once a month and for High Holidays from the Hebrew Union College Cincinnati campus. Our services blend Hebrew and English and we use the transliterated Reform Mishkan T'filah prayer book. As some of our members keep Kosher, our kitchen is dairy and parve only.

Our activities and services often involve many hours of volunteer work and a DIY attitude. If you are interested in seeing something new, we hope that you will share that idea and be ready to take the helm!

More learning:

  • Torah study is offered to adults in our community on Saturdays of Rabbi weekends.
  • If you are interested in a study buddy, contact a board member and we will share your request.
  • Visit the Reform Judiasm website or the Jewish Virtual Library