MPRG Public Talks

Daryl Cameron

  • Motivation, Capacity, And The Limits Of Compassion (see here)

Fiery Cushman

  • The Logic of Universalization Guides Moral Judgment (see here)

  • From Moral Concern to Moral Constraint: The Next Frontier of Neuroethics (see here)

John Doris

  • Making Good: Can We Realize Our Moral Aspirations? (see here)

  • Moral Injury (see here)

Joshua Greene

  • Boosting Effective Giving and Reducing Political Animosity (see here)

  • Human Morality (see here)

  • Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them (see here)

  • Of Trolleys and Cheaters: Automatic Controlled Processes in Moral Judgment (see here)

Gilbert Harman

  • Interview for Princeton Philosophy Review (see here)

Daniel Kelly

  • Jokes, Stories, & Epistemic Emotions (see here)

  • Cultural Evolution, Reasoning, and Moral Progress (see here)

Viktor Kumar

  • The Weight of Empathy (see here)

Tamar Kushnir

  • Active Social Learning in Early Childhood (see here)

Edouard Machery

  • Did Morality Really Evolve? (see here)

  • Religion and the Scope of Morality (see here)

  • Stats for Philosophers (see here)

Ron Mallon

  • Metaphysics, Method and Politics, the Case of Race (see here)

  • Beyond Adaptive Preferences: A Different Model of "Hard Cases" for Feminism (see here)

Al Mele:

  • Do we have Moral Autonomy?: The Power of Situations, People, and Education (see here)

  • Free: Why Science Hasn't Disproved Free Will (see here)

  • Free Will and Neuroscience (see here)

  • Two Theories of Free Will (see here)

Thomas Nadelhoffer

  • Humility: Puzzling Out What It Is and What It Does (with Jen Cole Wright) (see here)

  • Neurolaw and Folk Jurisprudence (see here)

Eddy Nahmias

  • Which Science Threatens Autonomy? (see here)

Shaun Nichols

  • The Elusive Self in Life and Death (see here)

  • Borders of the Moral Self (with Javier Gomez-Lavin) (see here)

Jonathan Phillips

  • Choice Set Generation and Real World Decision-Making (see here)

  • Morality and Modality: A New Frontier in Experimental Philosophy (see here)

Alexandra Plakias

  • What's Wrong with Moral Disgust? Lessons from Disagreement (see here)

David Shoemaker

  • Author Meets Critics (P1) (see here)

  • Author Meets Critics (P2) (see here)

  • You Oughta' Know: Defending Angry Blame (see here)

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

  • Does Neuroscience Undermine Responsibility? (see here)

  • Implicit Moral Attitudes (see here)

  • Is There One Moral Brain? (see here)

Stephen Stich

  • Egoism vs. Altruism: Deconstructing the Debate (see here)

  • Debunking Morality: A Hodgepodge of Multipurpose Kludges (see here)

  • The Persistence of Moral Disagreement (see here)

  • The Definition of Morality (see here)

  • Can Psychology Tell Us Anything About Morality? (see here)

  • The Evolution of Morality (see here)

Nina Strohminger

  • The Uncontrollable Bias of Advocacy (see here)

  • Varieties of Self (see here)