Dr. Morrison

Alexandra Morrison, Ph.D.

Bio: Dr. Morrison is an associate professor of psychology at Sacramento State. She has a Ph.D. from Temple University, which she completed under the mentorship of Dr. Jason Chein. Her graduate work examined the neural and behavioral correlates of working memory, and whether working memory capacity can be trained and expanded. Following graduate school, she was a postdoctoral research associate and then a research scientist in Dr. Amishi Jha’s research group at the University of Miami. Here she studied mindfulness training as an intervention to protect and strengthen attentional capacity.

In the fall of 2017, she joined the Department of Psychology at Sacramento State. Along with her lab group, she is currently investigating how people perform and the strategies they use at high attentional and working memory loads. She and her lab are also investigating the intersections between cognition and technology.

She is pictured here with her husband, Jacob, and daughter, Linnea!