Purple Wristband

Click on underlined links for a video of proper technique

1. Neutral Position

a. Wrist tie/baseball grip

b. 2 on 1

c. Arm drags/chops

d. Re-shot/Counter Shot

e. Back Step

2. Neutral Position – Offense

a. Single Leg

i. Single leg - feet

ii. Single leg - sweep / running the corner

iii. Trick knee whizzer

iv. Single leg - back door

v. Single leg - rotate direction

b. High Crotch

i. Crack-down finish

c. Fireman's Carry

i. Inline finish

ii. Kelly finish

d. Back step offense

i. Head & arm

ii. Arm spin

3. Counter Offense

a. Front headlock

i. Clearing elbow

ii. Whipovers

iii. Knee tap

b. Back step defense

i. Head & arm defense

ii. Arm spin defense

4. Referee's Top Position

a. Basic Leg Riding position

i. Dive

ii. Power Half

b. Spiral ride to legs

c. Claw ride to legs

5. Referee's Bottom Position

a. Granby Roll

6. Par Terre Position

a. Par terre Offense

i. Gut wrench

ii. Ankle lace

iii. Reverse lift

b. Par Terre Defense

i. Hips & shoulders square/heavy

ii. Fight the lock

iii. Movement on bottom

iv. Ankle lace defense