Black Wristband

Click on underlined links for a video of proper technique

1. Neutral Position

a. Hands & wrists (fighting for control)

b. Opponent posting

c. Hand fighting drill

d. Inside ties

e. Underhook (head position)

2. Neutral Position – Offense

a. Take Downs

i. Sweep Single

a. Sweep single inside

b. Sweep single outside

c. Tree top finish

d. Run the pipe head inside

e. Run the pipe head outside

ii. High crotch

a. Inside step penetration

b. Outside step penetration

c. Pop finish

d. Change to a double

iii. Double Leg

a. Double Leg inside

b. Double Leg outside

3. Counter Offense

a. Front headlock

i. Go behind

b. Stuff head

i. Single - Head inside

ii. High crotch - head outside

4. Referee's Position

a. Short sit

i. Stand Up

ii. Switch

iii. Head post

5. Referee's Top Position

a. Pop & Chop

i. Near wrist - cheap tilt

ii. Far side tilt

iii. Bar arms

b. Spiral ride

i. Arm turk

ii. Leg turk