The proposed Molonglo Rail Trail

The disused Bungendore to Captains Flat rail line near Hoskinstown

The Tumbarumba Rail Trail

The Molonglo Rail Trail (MolongloRT) campaign is a community led initiative aiming to convert the disused rail line which runs from Bungendore to Captains Flat into a cycling and walking trail.

The idea to develop the MolongloRT has received a boost from the very successful Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail (TRRT) in southeastern NSW. This 20 year campaign eventually obtained NSW Government funding to enable the first NSW trail to open in April 2020, In the 18 months of opening the TRRT, it had 30,000 users. So many visitors, has helped revitalise the towns of Tumbarumba and Rosewood with 13 new businesses opening. Watch this recent Bicycle NSW Youtube video to hear the enthusiasm of locals about the TRRT.

We strongly believe that building the MolongloRT will achieve many of these economic and social benefits for the region - but only with strong and active support from the community, council and NSW Government. And by the community, we mean not just the people in the villages along the intended MolongloRT, but also potential users in Canberra and beyond.

The detailed description of the proposed MolongloRT is set out in the 2019 Feasibility Study which can be viewed here.