Mojtaba Azadi, Ph.D.

School of Engineering, San Francisco State University

Research Affiliate at Center for Biomedical Engineering , MIT

Address: Science Building, SCI 120, 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132


Dr. Azadi holds a PhD from the University of Alberta in Canada. He completed his master and undergraduate studies at Sharif University of Technology and Tehran universities in Iran.

He is a faculty member at the School of Engineering at San Francisco State University (SFSU). The primary goal of Dr. Azadi's lab (Biomechatronics Research Laboratory) is developing sensitive and quantitative biomechanical assessment tools to detect subtle changes in soft biological materials (i.e. soft tissues and cells) caused by biological factors, medications and medical interventions.

Prior to joining SFSU, he worked for four years on numbers of collaborative projects in the area of Biomimetics, Bio-instrumentation and Mechanobiology at the Biological and Mechanical Engineering Departments at MIT. These projects include designing a Bio-tensegrity leg for a robotic cheetah and measuring mechanics of soft tissues such as skin, cartilage, Tectorial membrane and different cell layers in micro and nano scales.