11th MoFiR Workshop on Banking

5-6 July, 2022

Banco de Portugal and Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal

After two virtual editions, the Money and Finance Research Group (MoFiR) is pleased to announce the next workshop will be held in person in Lisbon on 5-6 July, 2022.

The keynote speaker will be Murillo Campello (Cornell University and NBER)

This year the workshop will include an additional half-day (4 July, afternoon) on SME financing (see the agenda here).

The call for paper is available here.

Selected papers -- The final program is available here (and in pdf)

· Forbearance, interest rates, and present-value effects in a randomized debt relief experiment

o Deniz Aydin

· Credit fire sales: Captive lending as liquidity in distress

o Matteo Benetton, Sergio Mayordomo and Daniel Paravisini

· Evergreening

o Miguel Faira-e-Castro, Pascal Paul and Juan M. Sanchez

· Household leverage and labor market outcomes: Evidence from a macroprudential mortgage restriction

o Gazi Kabas and Kasper Roszbach

· Are Judges randomly assigned to Chapter 11 bankruptcies? Not according to hedge funds

o Niklas Huther and Kristoph Kleiner

· Banking networks and economic growth: From idiosyncratic shocks to aggregate fluctuations

o Shohini Kundu and Nishant Vats

· “Crime and punishment?” How Russian banks anticipated and dealt with global financial sanctions

o Mikhail Mamonov, Anna Pestova and Steven Ongena

· The distribution of crisis credit: Effects on firm indebtedness and aggregate risk

o Federico Huneeus, Joseph P. Kaboski, Mauricio Larrain, Sergio L. Schmukler and Mario Vera

· Escaping violent death: Access to credit and female mortality

o Bernardus van Doornik, David Schoenherr and Janis Skrastins

· Corrective regulation with imperfect instruments

o Eduardo Davila and Ansgar Walther

· Banking on carbon: Corporate lending and cap-and-trade policy

o Ivan T. Ivanov, Mathias S. Kruttli and Sumudu W. Watugala

· Friends and family money: P2P transfers and financially fragile consumers

o Tetyana Balyuk and Emily Williams

Organising Committee:

Diana Bonfim (Banco de Portugal and Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics)

Geraldo Cerqueiro (Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics)

Cláudia Custódio (Imperial College Business School and CEPR)

Andrea F. Presbitero (International Monetary Fund, MoFiR and CEPR)

Alberto Zazzaro (University of Naples Federico II, CSEF and MoFiR)