Twin Cities Metro Growers Network

A Networking Group of the Sustainable Farming Association, the Twin Cities Growers Network aims to connect anyone who grows produce seriously and seeks education, networking and fellowship. Whether you grow for market, personal or community use, or to rediscover indigenous and ethnic roots, if you want to network with like-minded people in the metro, this group is for you. Coordinated by Karl Hakanson, UMN Extension Educator and started in 2019.

For Beginning Gardeners

A Facebook page for those beginning to garden organically in Minnesota. From their page...

This page serves as a platform for organic gardeners of all levels to share ideas, photos, feedback, materials and garden related events. You may post plants and seeds or materials and equipment you want to give away to other members of the group. You may share pics and information about your own organic garden. You may share organic garden-related events and educational classes. You may ask the members for help in identifying plants, solving a garden problem or request plants specific to your needs.

Duluth Community Garden Program

Long-standing organization supporting community gardening, networking, and shared learning in the Duluth area.

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